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Have you got a dead battery? Does the starter or alternator of your vehicle misfire? Come to Us for all of your automotive electrical service and maintenance requirements. We, the Mobile Mechanic Orlando FL thoroughly service your car, delivering you with a high standard of workmanship that you can truly trust.

You can be lucky to receive the greatest quality customer service and lots of smiles when you visit our garage. Our skilled technicians are certified and well trained in auto electrical repair. They are fully inexperienced and embedded to our customers in Orlando for it is vital for us to ensure that our customers are well cared for, we are not just as suppliers of car repair services, but as families.  To whatever services you need for auto mechanics, you can count on us! We can help you fix any of your electrical car issues. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as car AC repair and car battery replacement.


About Our Services

Why Us?

We play a vital role in computers and electrical systems for automotive applications. We have technicians that are experts in diagnostic services to assist identify and solve these issues of electricity and get your car to function properly. Whenever you experience constant problems or need assistance with your electrical system, car computers or control systems, or other electrical components, just take your car to us. We are technologically proficient, licensed electrical services.

  •  We have highly qualified technicians: Our team’s mechanics have over 30 years of experience. To keep you safe and pleased, they are committed to offering high-quality repairs.
  •  We have you covered: Whether you need for routine inspection or a repair technician, we guarantee you’re going to be totally satisfied with our services. For your peace of mind, we also provide warranties with all our services.
  • Quality Assurance: Our team is committed to offering existing and current clients with a stress-free experience. Only materials from trustworthy products are used in our shop to guarantee your car will always be on the go.

Understanding the Electrical System of Your Car:

The electrical system and electronic devices are essential to approximately every system to your vehicle and with are becoming highly sophisticated as the technology is advancing.  They are accountable for all vehicle functions and mechanisms for transmitting energy, surface, sensors, data, and communication. Cables, circuit breakers, fuses, and relays are responsible for the electrical systems. That is why the presence of loose or damaged wiring, improper pin connections and defective plugs or switches may result in electrical power or a system that is totally nonfunctional.

 The electrical system of your car is a large network needing specific diagnostic materials for full service. We have the best technicians who can access information of your vehicle with diagnostic instruments and the specific cause of any electrical issues can be identified using our methodology-based diagnostic process. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like brake repair and wheel bearing replacement.

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Why Bring Your Automobile for Electrical System Repair?

Battery Issues: The batteries produces electricity to the electrical system, the starter motor, and an auto motive’s lights. With every visit to us, we recommend to check your battery and when you have done services completed with us we will still check it to be safe every moment.  If in the morning you have to jump start your car, this is a sign that your battery might be failing. Once a battery begins to deteriorate, there are only two options to replace it or fixed depending on the severity of the harm. Nobody really wants to have a dead battery that might cause to be stranded! Replacement of batteries, charging, assembly, testing and recycling-we’re dealing with everything.

Alternators Issues: After starting your engine, your alternator takes over and starts replacing the energy lost from the start commitment, which gives energy to the power system and replenishes the battery.  An alternator is essentially automotive tool that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. The electrical system operates headlights, electrical appliances, radio as well as other electrical accessories.  When issues arise with your car’s alternator, look for us we can be your trusted mechanics!

Wirings: Wirings in the electric system of your vehicles is broad and complicated as it links the battery to the starter motor, alternator to the battery, and operates the entire car length to power every accessible electrical circuit. During cranking, the very big battery cords convey several hundred amps of current, and the lowest wires can carry only milliamps of current to delicate computer devices and detectors.

Starter Motor Issues: The starter plays a major role as it rotates the combustion engines to start the function of the engine.  It all starts with turning your ignition key or pressing the start button and the starter pumps to engine to start your car. The fact that your vehicle starter draws a big quantity of energy from the battery, if there will be a warning indication of an electrical issue, it will offer you some hints. When you detect any different noises or it seems slower than normal cranking, call us know immediately and we’ll correct it!

Starters are significant components of the engine of your car and their inability will result in the death of your car. When issues arise with your car’s starter, seek specialist assistance. We have specialists and all the experts who can manage all your starter requirements to swiftly get you back on your way!


The above signs indicate a need to manage the electrical system of your vehicle. If you attempt to begin your vehicle and notice scraping, grinding, or no sound, it’s time to contact us and schedule an appointment. The standard battery life of vehicle takes three to six years. Four years or more is required to have your battery to be replaced. If the dashboard lights of your vehicle do not light up correctly, it is probable that the electrical system is in malfunction. Another indications of a prospective problem with the electrical system is if the lamps of your vehicle darken while driving at slower speeds. 

For all electrical issues, our skilled technicians are made to follow a strategic diagnostic method which could be applied to all diagnostics efficiently. Everything begins with the battery and wiring devices to easily and appropriately identify any electrical issue. An indicator light on your dashboard can detect any electrical issues that can alert toward where the problem started.

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