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It happens—your once cold car with it’s gloriously blowing air conditioner won’t be as reliable on a hot day anymore. You would start to notice the air start to heat up. Sometimes, the air conditioner would just downright refuse to turn on. Sounds like the scenario that you are in right now? Well worry no more. Here at JR Mobile Mechanic, we can give you back the cool summer drives that you want. After all, nobody—and we mean nobody—deserves to suffer in this notorious Orlando heat.  

So how can you fix this? Maybe you’re faced with the dilemma of just going DIY to save up on some bucks. Well, let us tell you this right away. Using dodgy materials and questionable tools—all those are going to cause more problems to your car in the long run. You don’t want contaminating your freon, for example, with a refrigerant that is not of the best quality.

Our advice? It’s always better to leave your car to the pros. And that is exactly what we are here at JR Mobile Mechanic. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as diesel mechanic and water pump replacement.

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About Our Services

A/C Problems? Don’t sweat it.

We’ve got the pros always ready to help you.

But what causes a damaged A/C airflow anyway?

So by now you might have pinpointed the issue. You might have noticed that there is a reduced airflow in your car. All is not too late yet. If you ring in your mechanic right away, all can still be fixed.

Still want more details about your car’s A/C issues? Here are some reasons you may have contributed to the air conditioner’s decline.

  •       You missed your last air conditioning clean-up.

You see, through time and regular use, your car’s air conditioner will accumulate mildew and/or or mold. It’s simple science, really. Moisture in an enclosed space? That equals to either of these two. And with these duo present, you know that airways will be blocked and your car’s vent will have a hard time delivering cold air to you.

  •       You missed the last air conditioning check-up.

So you might have been diligent in making sure that your vents are clean and well-maintained. But you might have also loosened a hose or two when you decided to DIY the clean-up (see how DIY-ing can result to more problems?). With a hose loose and no longer connected to your blowing unit, cold air will no longer be able to travel from your blower to your vent.

  •       You neglected to check your ventilation fan.

If everything seems to be working perfectly except your fan, then that is likely an issue of a ventilation fan. Obviously, you know what happens in the event of a broken fan—no air flow in your car. This might just be the culprit.

  •       You haven’t checked you’re A/C seals.

For your air conditioning to work properly, seals have to be in place. Otherwise, your ventilation system will refuse to work its 100%. We’re talking about core case seals and evaporator core case seals here.

 Of course we can stay on this page and continue to speculate about what is truly wrong with your car. Or, you can do the best thing for your car at the moment and call in the experts to get to work on you’re A/C right away.

 Give us a call to schedule for an A/C diagnosis right away or to have us fix your car’s air conditioner.

Contact JR Mobile Mechanic right away and feel free to consult about our other services such as auto electric repair and car battery replacement.


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Why Call JR Mobile Mechanic?

Why should you trust us with your car? We can think of a few reasons why.

  •       We are professionally trained.

And more importantly, we are professionals ourselves. We have been in the business for over 3 decades and we continue to service the people of Orlando. We are committed to our jobs and regularly update our knowledge on the ever-changing car industry.

  •       We have the tools to securely fix your air conditioning system.

More than just the training, the tools of the trade is important too. With us, you don’t have to worry about us using outdated tools. We make sure that our toolboxes are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the automobile tech.

  •       We offer convenience.

This is what happens when you hire us: you give us a call and tell us what is wrong with your car. Then, we’ll book you an appointment. And now all you have to do is to wait as we make our way to you to fix your car. Sounds pretty convenient, right? That’s how we operate here at JR Mobile Mechanic. You don’t have to bring your car to us. We make it easy for you by sending our mechanics over to your place.

  •       We put value to your time.

You guys are busy, we know that. The last thing that we want to do is to set an appointment that we will be late at. That is why our team of mechanics always make sure to get to your right on time. Not too early, not late either. Just exactly on the agreed appointment period.

Think that our services and work ethics are a fit for your needs? We might just be the mechanics that you’ll be calling from now on. Ask us how we can serve you better.

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