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JR Mobile Mechanic is here to inspect, repair and/maintain your diesel engine for you.

Quality and honest service is hard to come by these days. This is especially true when you are looking for a good team of mechanics to work on your diesel engine. After all, diesel engines are much more complicated than the regular ones. These are much easier to break and much more complicated to put together.

But we don’t see this as an issue, but more like a challenge here at JR Mobile Mechanic. What other mechanics may see as a complicated, we see them here as a sophisticated mechanism. It’s all about the frame of mind after all. And with the right attitude partnered by the proper training, you have got yourself a robust team of diesel mechanics that can service your car and make sure that it runs smoothly and securely. That is what we at Jr Mobile Mechanic can offer you. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as fuel pump repair and oil change

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About Our Services

Our Services

The work of a diesel mechanic is both easy and complicated at the same time. Typically, we do check-up routines to make sure that everything is working perfectly and properly. Of course, this is easier said than done. These routine procedures are a little hard to do. In fact, you might notice that diesel car checks are always done by the experts, and there is a pretty good reason behind this. You see, each part of the checklist has to be carried out meticulously. And if you do not have the correct training for it, you might just end up causing more harm to your car than actually fixing it.

Here are some of the services that we offer here at JR Mobile Mechanic.

  •       We diagnose.

This is maybe on of the most important things that we can do for your diesel engine. This is harder than gasoline-powered cars because this is more than just popping the hood open and looking through it for problems. With diesel machines, one would need a set of diagnostic tools and scanning software to make sure that everything is running just as well.

Here at JR Mobile Mechanic, we have the technology to get straight to the cause of the problem. Find out more about the technology that we have on-hand by giving us a call today.

      We examine.

Of course, if our diagnosis comes up clean, then that means that your car is running perfectly well. However, just for extra measure, we do examinations to your diesel engine as well. Here, we will thoroughly take a look at the important components of your engine such as your power steering mechanism, your brakes, your emissions, and all other important parts of your car that are vital to its performance.

Think that your car is due for a quick check-up? Have the mechanics at JR Mobile Mechanic take a look under the hood today. You might like to check also our water pump replacement and car AC repair.

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 We fix too.

Naturally, we do offer services to help maintain and repair any parts of your car that might need extra TLC. We do this after, and only after, we have run a thorough diagnostic test. After all, the last thing that we want is to pop open a component only to find out that everything is just running perfectly.

Once we have carried out our inspection, we will either repair, replace, or overhaul the component that needs the attention. We will, of course, consult with you in every step of the way. It is your car, after all. The last thing that we want is to perform services that you do not think is necessary to your car’s performance.

Got issues with your car’s performance? We can fix the problem for you. Book your appointment with us now.

  •       We also do maintenance.

Just like the human body, prevention is always better than cure. This is why we strongly recommend that you bring your car in for a check-up and maintenance procedure on a regular basis. This way, you will save money in the long run.

Ready to have your car serviced by professionals? We’re available whenever you are. Simply call us on our mobile our landline number today.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of diesel mechanics from Orlando, Florida. We don’t just have the experience of over 3 decades, but we also have the correct training to confidently say that we are the best there is in the city.

We started out just like any mobile garage in the city—as a small-time group of mechanics with the passion for automotive. Soon, with the opportunities that we have been luck enough to be presented to us, we have managed to grow in number as well as in operations. We now have various teams of mechanics all over the city just waiting to be of service to you.

So whatever it is that you may need to get done on your car—maintenance, repair, or overhaul—you can count on JR Mobile Mechanic to provide you the professional services.

Customer Ratings

We value customer feedback more than anything. If you are a customer and would like to drop by a comment or two about us, please feel free to do so.

“At first I thought I had to bring my car to the next city to have a diesel mechanic take a look at it. But a quick Google search led me to JR Mobile Mechanic and I’m so glad that I discovered their team. They are very polite and know a lot about cars, that is for sure.”

“This is the A-team of diesel engines. They are very knowledgeable. They can answer just about any question that I throw at them. Good team you have here, JR Mobile Mechanic!”

“Do yourself a favor—if you are looking for a diesel engine mechanic, this is the only team that you need to know about.”

"Great job guys! I am so amazed by the result. Well done! I'm very satisfied. Good job! Thanks for the team."
Charles D. (Orlando, Fl)
"Very affordable. Thank you for the services. I will surely recommend this to my friends. Thanks a lot once again."
Sophia L. (Orlando, Fl)
"Fast services. Friendly workers. And affordable price. It made my day. Thanks. Great job."
Michael A. (Orlando, Fl)


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