In need of Professional Wheel Bearing Replacement Service?

Is your car noisy? Do you hear some squeaking sound that does not disappear? This must be because of a worn out wheel bearing. If you do not know how to check it and what to do, you just call JR Mobile Mechanic. We will be there to inspect your car and see if the wheel bearing is the real cause of the noise. If it is confirmed then we will replace or repair your wheel bearings and you will be back on the road in no time for your destination.

If it is another problem, we can do the job either. So no need to worry when you call JR Mobile Mechanic for your car concerns. As an auto repair shop, it offers various services and not just the wheel bearing replacement.

If you feel the car is shaking when you will drive, stop the car in a safe place and call us. Shaking which is called by others as death wobble is one of the most obvious signs that your wheel bearing is in trouble. It is dangerous that you continue driving with that condition. Call for us and we will be there quickly to help you.

JR Mobile Mechanic runs an Auto Repair Shop here in Orlando. It has been running for more than 20 years so you can be sure that we have the needed experience to serve you best. We have invested in machines, equipment and education and training of employees for our customers. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as power steering repair and fuel pump repair.


About Our Services

Understanding Your Wheel Bearing

Wheel bearing has also its limited life and needs to be replaced. A wheel bearing can go up to 150, 000 miles before being replaced. But it is safe to note that when you have overcome the 75,000 miles your wheel bearing can start to tell signs of being worn out. As there are various factors that can affect the wheel bearing so lifespan is not fixed for all cars. That is why it is good to have a regular checkup of your car so you can know if something might need to be replaced soon.

When your wheel bearing has already worn out, you can also begin to feel vibrations. This is because if wheel bearing will not be replaced as needed, it can cause other parts to fail. It is not a good experience as you may feel that you are having a fight with your car. Better call an auto repair shop to check your car and let it be repaired. The suspension may be in trouble so is with the tie-rod ends, ball joints, and the sway-bar end links.

Serviceable and Non-Serviceable Wheel Hub Assembly

It is recommended that the wheel hub assembly is replaced rather than just the bearing because of risks associated with it. That is why most mechanics would just replace all than just the bearing. Also in older cars, the bearing is separated easily so it could be replaced and not the wheel hub assembly. But in newer cars, they cannot be separated so the whole wheeling hub assembly needs to be replaced. This is classified as a serviceable wheel hub assembly which is the first one that is easy to remove and replace the bearing. The non-serviceable wheel hub assembly needs a shop press so that you can remove and then replace the bearings.

If you do not know how to do this and if you have the non-serviceable wheel hub bearing, call us and we would be happy to do the wheel bearing replacement for you. We can go all over Miami wherever you are located to give this service to you. So no need to be stressed. Just dial those buttons and ring our number for appointment and feel free to consult about our other services such as oil change and diesel mechanic

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Wheel Hub Assembly Is Not Usual Or Rare

You can have more difficulty when your car has the rare wheel hub assembly and not usual as is your car. You need professional help so you can be able to handle the replacement. We can help you also in this case. We are partnered with a supplier of car parts that are of good quality. That is why we can source your car parts needs so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. We try to keep in stock supplies and parts so we can do the job faster and quicker.

We know that all of us have our own plans and when we encounter problems like this, we would have to make up for the time. If it is a special moment or an important meeting that you have to attend to, you will feel stressed. But do not be! You just need to remember our telephone numbers and dial it whenever you have some problems regarding your car.

Why JR Mobile Mechanic

Years of significant experience has brought us here today. An auto shop that has provided a quality service gained through years of experience. Our customers can attest to this statement. If you also want to have a quality service, call us when you experience car problems. We also have maintenance programs or contracts that you can avail.

We have competitive pricing. We do not just make a price and charge it to you without a basis into it. That is why we also offer free estimates before a job is done to ensure that the customer will receive satisfaction. If there are unexpected repairs and parts that need to be replaced, we get your approval before we make the purchase and replacement.

We have invested in high-quality tools and equipment. We know that all customers deserve the best and that is why we also have useful machines and equipment. They help make the job be done faster and with efficiency and so we upgrade to new ones if it is useful and more beneficial than the previous one.

Our mechanics and employees are all trained for providing good customer service. We know that customers should be heard clear and right. That is why we have developed a customer service standard that mechanics and employees should abide by. It has proven effective and satisfactory until this time.

So if you have any problems, not just the wheel bearing replacement, make the connection and call us for an appointment.

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